9 Ways To Make Money Offline In 2019 That Can Ensure You Stable Earnings

Money is an exciting resource that has the capacity to convert ones dream into reality. The more this resource, you are classified lucky since you would be in a position to realize your dreams. In this article, we would like to suggest few means that could help you maximize your potential ways to make money offline and ensure you enjoy a high quality of life. Please ensure the suggestions provided here are ideas of the author only. Statutory compliances pertaining to the law of the land are to be checked by the reader and readers discretion is required.

Inherent desire is a self-motivating tool present in each of us. Unfortunately, only few of us utilize the desire and achieve our needs and wants.

This topic would encourage you to check the subsequent pages. However, we request you to kindly take up this evaluation so as to ensure you derive the best.

9 Ways To Make Money Offline In 2019

Why should I take up this self-evaluation?

This self-evaluation is to assess your qualities to suggest your options. Moreover, as against a wild goose chase, a specific suggestion could be more effective. Please fill in the tabulation below and refer to the results to shortlist your choice of work for earning. Feel free to get in touch with us if you feel we could assist you to enhance your potential.

General Queries

1. Am I looking for regular or additional earning?

2. How many hours can I dedicate each day for this earning?

3. On a typical day what is the time, I spend in leisure?

4. Would I be in a position to allow some financial resource for the earning? If yes what would be the sum?

5. Do I have some help to support me in this assignment?

Specific Queries

1. What am  I interested in? Painting, writing, acting or any other skill

2. Do I have this skill set in me?

3. Am I looking this new assignment to pursue my interest or only for earning?

4. What am I earning at present? What is the additional increment I am looking for?

5. Am I qualified to take up this additional assignment? Yes or No

6. Is your field of interest knowledge-based or skill based?

Answers to the above questions could help you to narrow down the scope of work which will help you earn the additional income. In most of the cases, it is observed that many individuals lack self-assessment. If we were to put forth a question to indicate ones strength and weakness it is not that easy and hence we feel self-assessment are quite critical to set a goal.

We are offering you a few suggestions that could be looked on. Generally, the new assignments that you are planning to look for would be classified into physical and intellectual activities. Physical activities would involve physical exertion. Driving, painting, carpentry, plumbing, gardening are a few examples that could be cited.

These activities would involve skill sets that are to be acquired through training. Informal education courses impart these skill sets. One could ensure they get trained under a professional and subsequently acquire skills to make out the best.  There are few jobs that would require the individual to travel, while in other cases, one could set an office for one’s clients to meet with.

Let us analyze the ways to make money with few part-time job options

In the present day, owing to digitalization there are lots of opportunity in avenues like SEO –Search Engine Optimization, Content writing, and online trading. For example, if a product is to be promoted for sales, apart from print media, digital marketing can also be considered.

If we analyze the benefits of print Vs digital marketing the impact could be listed. Each has its own advantage while digital marketing could ensure specific impact as against mass impact. More over, reach would be much more globalized based on the product/process and its target audience.

Let us consider the case of  Amazon selling  FMCG products. The selling model has shifted from physical display through a store to a virtual display through online/print media. This transition is wide and fast growing. Further, this allows the consumers to view, analyse, and compare.

An analysis could involve product features, cost, availability, design, technology and other details like uniqueness and reliability. These play a critical role in decision making that could result in the purchase.

For each of the above aspects, a series of back support is needed. Each of these back support opens an opportunity for various jobs. While these opportunities require a set of skills that are inherently available within the individual, if required they could be acquired through the training process too.

This article suggests options as viewed by the author, that could help individuals to cash their time based on the individual’s interest.

#1 Part-time Driving

Driving involves motor skills of the individual. If one has the passion for driving, a good vehicle and a good network to connect you during your leisure hours would add to your income. While this sounds quite easy, a good network is quite essential.

What is networking? Why is networking essential?

Networking ensure connecting with people who could be our clients as well as our associates who would be willing to work with us as part of the same group.

Networking is done to ensure any leads that need to be served and attended without service deficiency. Let us assume an individual who is willing to start a part-time network to offer driving services can develop a network which could help him connect with people who have similar interest from different locations.

They could develop a group and list their contacts online. This would help clients looking for services to use the services of this network. By developing such network, connecting to geographical locations becomes possible.

Moreover, even today, the concept of acting drivers is quite popular in a country like India. where the driving skill of the individual is utilized. The client provides the vehicle and avails the service of the professional for driving. In this process, the driving professional could earn additional income during his leisure.

#2 Carpentry, Plumbing & Electrical Jobs

Through non-formal education based on individuals needs and interest, there are technical institutes that offer programs to enhance skill sets. These institutes train individuals and impart them the know-how to become more efficient and qualified. The duration of these courses varies between  3- 6 months for the preliminary levels while specialization would require additional time.

Once an individual acquires these skill set, he could enroll in such groups and offer services to clients which would increase his income. Ability to conceptualize, skills to handle power tools would ensure high earning. Introduction of  CNC machines, laser cutters have ensured high design precision.

New technology has opened up opportunities for new materials that are processed based on requirements. The physical qualities of these materials are designed to suit their application.

#3 Gardening & Aquaculture

A beautiful garden around the house gives peace of mind. One needs to ensure that the garden is well maintained too. Time limitation for most becomes a critical factor. Work priority results in neglecting gardens.

So in a good residential location, an individual with a passion for gardening could identify clients and offer his services. These services could be offered at regular intervals. In the process, the individual earns additional revenue to address his needs.

Even in gardening, there is a specialized area like bonsai plans, that require special care . Hybrid varieties of these plans are available and are lucrative business apart from enjoying ones pass time.

Similarly, aqua pets are also interesting hobbies that could support ones additional earning. There are special varieties of fish, turtles that can be breed with special care and sold to clients who have a special interest in aqua pets.

In India Cochin, Tuticorin and Mumbai have institutes that specialize in aqua pets which is a lucrative business. Special stains of fish could be marketed from local and international markets.

#4 Automobile Servicing

Automobile servicing too is a good hobby that provides lucrative earnings. Rectifying punctured tires, wiring issues are common and can be attended too with the basic skill set.

Training is offered to handle tools based on the nature of the vehicle. Apart from the specific skill, the basic toolset is required once you decide to take these pass time jobs.

#5 Fuel Refueling

There are few jobs that involve and require  24 x 7 assistance. One could sign in for part-time jobs wherein the nature of the job would be more time based and offer flexible working hours & duration. These jobs involve physical endurance and offer remuneration that would add up to one’s income.

#6 Sorting

Commodities could be picked in bulk and sorted out based on parameters that include size, quality, and texture and repacked. One could opt for direct sale or route it through agencies wherein better revenue could be realized.

#7 Grading

Grading refers to setting standards that could be used to differentiate an item. For example, fruits could be bought in bulk and graded based on its quality & physical parameters. This system helps in increasing profit to the vendor. Moreover, differential price helps in profit maximization.

#8 Good Food

Food industry is evergreen. One could utilize his cooking skills through direct classes or through online portals. Facebook, Google articles, and youtube ensure the message have mass reach. This is one such way to make money offline easy. One who is passionate about cooking is definitely love this job and ensures stable earning.

#9 Delivery Staff

Delivery of goods provides opportunities particularly in food industry these days. Part time employment opportunities are available at the fuel station, courier, daily newspapers, magazine, milk, medicine, and other essential articles.

In recent days food delivery has gained popularity and also proven economical in terms of time and resource utilization. Use of vehicles for such delivery would require an application that would suggest a route to optimize distance & travel time.

Let us analyze few jobs involving intellectual skills

Painting& Drawing Skills: Some individuals inherit painting & drawing skills. These individuals could utilize the skill to impart training. Special techniques involved can be shared in the fine art classes.

Information Technology Boom: Growth of information technology has opened up wide opportunities. Apart from software coding, application based software, content writing, BPO, Digital marketing are developing avenues that need skill update.

Individuals equipped with such specialization can opt to choose a niche and train in need of acquiring these skills.

Let us assume if we were to choose a niche like MS Office, there are options like word, Excel & PowerPoint. For a writer, skills in Ms. Word would be useful. Similarly for numbers skill in Excel could be of use.

Acquiring skill sets will have added advantage. In order to check the grammar usage and construction, there is a specialized tool named Grammarly. This software ensures and suggests the write up is constructed as per English grammar.

Software Application: Bill payments could be effected online. Routine payments that include electricity, online banking, and other payments could be paid through online. Part-time work involving such payment assistance could be of use to the public. What is more, the individual will get benefited in terms of time and resources.

Private Tutorial Services:  Private Coaching for various grades could be offered as part-time services. Maths, language, computer application are certain common subjects that require additional coaching for students.

Travel agencies, courier services, accounting services are few services that could help in earning additional income.

Real Estate: Real Estate offers perennial opportunities from construction to sale. This business although doesn’t offer instant gratification the long-term return on the time invested is worth considering. This model generally operates on a commission basis, based on the transaction value the percentage is finalized for sale, while for rent and lease option monthly rent or the proportionate lease value is considered.

There are lots of agencies involved with freelancers on the job as against fixed working time, concluding the deal is the essence of the business.   Normally based on the market conditions the percentage offered as service charges vary between  1-5% on the value of the property. Many builders sign up channel partnership agreements with real estate agents and offer them lucrative incentives too.

There have been lots of changes owing to recent developments in the real estate sector owing to the change in economic dynamics. Increase in the cost of raw materials that include sand, steel & other essential items has resulted in cost increase. Labour cost has been increasing owing to an overall increase in the cost of living.

Goods & Service Tax  (GST) has influenced the market. In order to ensure the safety of investors in real estate, the government has laid regulations to monitor the developers’ investment in the project. Demonetarisation has created a vacuum in business functioning with very few investors opting for real estate purchase. This change would have adverse effects on industry dynamics.

Owing to limited land availability land is becoming a scarce resource for construction. Increase in demand has resulted in an increase in price. This has  opened up  opportunities  for part-time  income seekers   to utilize information on land availability and match it with  buyers requirements  and conclude deals .

The biggest challenge in this business is lead generation, that is identifying prospects or buyers who would be interested in the property. Lead generation involves networking to capture prospects who might be interested to have details of the project and subject. In general, the real estate option is slightly time-consuming as the decision-making process involves a huge financial transaction.

There are different models of such transaction in the real estate wherein certain agencies would act as investors and ensure they pay initial deposits and block certain units. Subsequently based on the market conditions these investors cash their crops for higher value. The ROI –Return On Investment is high.

There could also be individuals/agencies who could specialize in aspects like legal, finance, liaison apart from architectural and interior designs. All these areas offer unmatched opportunities and growth potential.

Skill assessment:

This article on way to make money offline would guide individuals looking for earning additional income to self-assess their skills. The questionnaire could guide individuals for self-assessment. There are a number of online websites and articles that could guide individuals on options available to earn during their leisure hours.

As against suggesting options, it is important for any individual to self-assess his capacity. Management principle suggests SWOT analysis – Strength, Weakness, opportunity & Threat. A matrix with these values would help individuals to focus on their strength for a quantification process. The business cycle is a process that keeps changing with time and never remains stagnant.

Any business that is bound to slow down would have a peak in due course. So as against working on a fixed model, it is always better to seek new avenues & opportunities to grow in business.

Even during the recession period, it was observed that certain business were showing growth trends. Based on this analysis scope for further growth can be assessed…Money making is quite critical as it improves quality of life.

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  1. Hi Jenna,

    Thank you for your information. I was searching for ways to make money offline past a year finally got your post through Facebook. After reading your post I came to know many jobs. It was really unbelievable.

    Your post is worthy of clearcut and you dug up in depth. In the first post, you covered detailed about offline money making ways. You have mentioned many jobs in this post but it is mostly for men. Is there any Electrical jobs for women.

    I am searching for part time jobs Can you please refer me which job is best for women. Is there any work at home jobs?

    With Regards,

    • Hi Aarini, Glad the read was useful and it was of some help in giving you an idea of various way of making money. Coming to you queries there are offline jobs where opportunities are wide open for women. Most of the jobs mentioned here are for women as well. From driving, Fuel filling to delivery staff these are not just specific for men. Usually Electrical work requires a assistant for helping with the work we could only male at this job.

      If you are looking for work from jobs, there are large platforms online where you earn min of $50 per day. If you are good writing you can become a content writer. There are virtual assistance who help people from remote location with their businesses.

      And one of the most important area online where people earn easy and quick is Digital marketing. This is a wide area involves web designing, SEO, Ads marketing, data analytics. Hope this information gives you a picture on how you can earn online.

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